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Registration of a personal account

In order to use the opportunities provided on the website you must create an account.

1. For registration of a personal account click on the "Registration" - in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. To create an account it is necessary to fill in 4 required fields:

3. Enter a captcha

4. Familiarize yourself with the terms of the user agreement and confirm the acceptance of the provisions set out in the user agreement.

5. If all the previous steps have been completed click the "Registration" button

Replenishment of available funds

In order to increase your hashrate and gain power for mining you should replenish the balance of available funds.

1. For replenishment of available funds balance enter your personal account by clicking on the button

2. Select the “Balance” section

3. And select the "Replenish" tab

4. Select the payment system which you would like to use for replenishment the balance of available funds

Attention! Balance replenishment and further purchase of mining power can be carried out using any of the available payment system

5. When the payment system is selected it is necessary to indicate the amount of replenishment

Please note that the minimum deposit amount for each payment system is indicated below the field for entering the amount.

6. Be sure that the provided information is correct and click “Replenish” button

7. If you want to use cryptocurrency for balance replenishment you should note that a wallet will be generated for the deposit to which you must send the exact amount within 60 minutes taking into account the commission of the selected payment system. Active generated wallets for cryptocurrency transfers are displayed below in the “Awaiting for replenishment” section

The remaining time of its use is also indicated there. If you do not have time to transfer the amount within the specified time it is better to generate a new wallet and send the transfer to a new wallet.

8. If you entered the information correctly the deposit will be credited to your account. Pay attention that cryptocurrency transfers are not credited instantly but after receiving 3 confirmations on the network.

Mining and purchasing of mining power

1. Vixes users can purchase power for any of the available mining algorithms that provide the mining of the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Syscoin, Verge.

2. In order to buy power enter your personal account by clicking on the “My Account” button

3. Choose the “Purchase mining power” section

4. Select the desired algorithm

5. Indicate the currency you want to use for the purchase and the amount you want to spend

6. Please note that after choosing the currency and indicating the investment amount information on the number of purchased power units, currencies that can be mined using the selected algorithm, the value of the total hash after purchase and daily income will be displayed in a table.

Carefully check that you have specified everything correctly. If everything is correct complete the power purchase by pressing the button

7. After you have bought power it is no longer possible to sell or exchange it for power for another algorithm. Power will automatically be credited to your account

8. In order for the purchased power start generating income it is necessary to activate it in "Mining" section

9. In this section you must select the algorithm for which you have purchased power

10. Use the slider to set the percentage of power that will work for the mining of the currency you specify. You can use both the all power for mining of one currency and obtain several currencies by distributing the purchased power between them

11. You can see the profitability of each currency depending on the amount of activated power in the spoiler

Closing the site does not affect the mining process!

Partner bonus

Vixes has prepared a partner program using which you can invite your partners and receive bonuses for their purchases of power.

1. Each user of the site receives a unique referral link using which he can invite partners to his team and receive bonuses for their purchases

2. Referral link is in your account in section

3. Banners that can be used for an effective advertising campaign to attract partners can be found by clicking on the "Promotional materials" button


Users who have purchased mining power and earned money through mining or have received referral rewards from partners have the opportunity to withdraw profits to their wallets. Earned funds are credited to the balance of available funds.

1. In order to withdraw funds you must enter your personal account

and visit the "Balance" section

2. In the "Balance" section select the "Withdraw" tab

3. Indicate the withdrawal amount and wallet to which you want to receive a payment. Please note that for each currency the minimum amount for withdrawal is indicated under the field for entering the amount

4. Make sure that you correctly entered the wallet address for the withdrawal of funds and the amount of withdrawal. If all the data is correct click the "Withdraw" button

Cryptocurrency exchange for USD, EURO and USDC

Vixes has implemented the ability to exchange the mined cryptocurrency for USD, EURO and USDC. Thus, you can mine any preferred currency and exchange them for USD, EURO and USDC.

1. In order to exchange the obtained cryptocurrency you should enter your personal account and visit the "Balance" section

2. Next, select the “Exchange” tab

3. In this tab you need to select the currency for which you want to exchange cryptocurrency

4. Select the currency which you want to exchange from the list on the left

5. Indicate the amount you want to exchange
Please note that the current exchange rate is indicated below this field

6. Edit the amount to be exchanged. By default all funds of the desired currency are selected. The field below indicates the amount that you will receive on the balance after the exchange

7. If all the data you entered is correct click the "Exchange" button