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What Vixes company is engaged in?

Vixes is a world leader in the cryptocurrency mining market. Vixes provide the mining power for mining of a number of promising cryptocurrencies and provides favorable investment conditions for each of its partners.

What payment systems are available on Vixes?

You can use the next payment systems to replenish the balance of available funds as well as to withdraw profits from Vixes: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Digibyte, Litecoin, Syscoin, Verge, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Payeer, Perfect Money and USDC.

What is the minimum amount for deposit and withdrawal?

Please note that the company has set limits for minimum withdrawal and deposit amount. Vixes accepts deposits of the amount from 0.001 Bitcoin, 0.015 Bitcoin Cash, 0.02 Bitcoin SV, 500 Digibyte, 0.1 Litecoin, 200 Syscoin, 1500 Verge, 1000 Dogecoin, 0.03 Ethereum, 0.5 Ethereum Classic, 2.5 Payeer USD, 2.5 Payeer EURO, 2.5 Perfect Money USD, 2.5 Perfect Money EURO and 10 USDC. Profit withdrawal is available upon reaching the following values on the user's balance: 0.001 Bitcoin, 0.015 Bitcoin Cash, 0.02 Bitcoin SV, 1000 Digibyte, 0.1 Litecoin, 300 Syscoin, 2500 Verge, 1500 Dogecoin, 0.03 Ethereum, 0.5 Ethereum Classic, 2.5 Payeer USD, 2.5 Payeer EURO, 2.5 Perfect Money USD, 2.5 Perfect Money EURO and 10 USDC.

How to replenish the balance of available funds?

Log in to your personal account and visit the "Balance" section. In this section select the payment system that you want to use for replenishment, enter the amount and confirm your choice. Detailed information about replenishing the balance is in the "For beginners" section.

Is it possible to use profit to buy units of mining power?

Yes, it is possible to purchase units of mining power for cryptocurrency mining using the amount on the balance of available funds. Your profit from the operation of the equipment goes to the account of available funds from where you can use it to purchase power.

Is there a commission for replenishing the balance or withdrawing profit?

Vixes doesn't charge the fee for processing of financial transactions for replenishment the balance or funds withdrawal. However, commissions may be charged by the the row of payment systems that you use. The amount of fee depends entirely on the rules of payment system you use.

Is there a maintenance fee?

Vixes marketing is designed in such a way that the partner receives a pure profit when all expenses for electricity bills and equipment maintenance are already included in the purchase price of units of power.

How to purchase power for cryptocurrency mining?

You can purchase power for mining in your personal account. To do this enter your personal account visit the “Buy the power” section, select the algorithm for which you plan to purchase power, currency, as well as the amount you plan to spend on the purchase of power.

What is the minimum amount of power available for purchase?

Vixes has set the minimum amount of power that can be purchased. The minimum power purchase for the SHA-256 algorithm is 500 GH/s, for the SCRYPT algorithm - 50 MH/s, for the ETHASH algorithm - 10 MH/s.

Why does the purchased power not generate an income? (How to activate the operation of equipment?)

After purchasing of power for mining you need to enter the “Mining” section and activate the operation of your equipment. To do this enter the “Mining” section, select the algorithm for which you purchased power units and use the slider to set the percentage of mining of the cryptocurrency you need. You have 100% power that you can use both for the mining of a certain cryptocurrency and distribute them between several cryptocurrencies within the same algorithm.

What is a level and how can it be increased?

Vixes marketing is designed using levels. The greater the amount of power purchased by the user the higher his level. Profitability directly depends on the received level. If initially the user receives 1% per day, then with an increase in available mining power profitability can grow up to 3% per day.

What currencies are available for mining?

You can use the purchased power to mine these cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Digibyte, Litecoin, Syscoin, Verge, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. However, note that each cryptocurrencies can be mined using a certain algorithm.

How can I withdraw a profit?

During the work with Vixes the user receives profit from the purchased power as well as a partner bonus for purchases of mining power by partners. To withdraw earned funds you should enter your personal account, visit the “Balance” section, click on the "Withdraw" tab, specify the payment system, wallet number and the amount to be withdrawn. More information about how to withdraw funds from Vixes is in the "For beginners" section.

Is it possible to exchange cryptocurrencies for USD, EURO or USDC?

Yes, you can exchange earned cryptocurrency for USD, EURO or USDC. To do this enter your personal account and in the "Balance" section select the "Exchange" tab. Please note that for exchanging cryptocurrency for USD, EURO or USDC the fee is charged. You can find out more about how to exchange cryptocurrency for USD, EURO, USDC in the "For beginners" section.

How to get a partner bonus?

Vixes has developed a loyal partner program for users who are used to working with their partners. The partner program is a system that has 3 levels. First level partners bring a bonus of 7% of the purchased power. Partners of the second level bring 2% of the amount of purchased power. Partner bonus from partners of the third level is 1%. Please note that the partner bonus is credited in the currency in which the partner made the purchase of power.

How to calculate the income received from the operation of the equipment?

The income that the purchased mining power will bring can be calculated using the profitability calculator located in the “Calculator” section. In this section you can calculate the projected profit by indicating the amount of investment and the period of operation of the equipment.

What is the operation term of the purchased power?

The mining power which is purchased by users for cryptocurrency mining works on an unlimited basis.

Is it possible to sell or exchange the purchased power?

No, the operation of buying power for mining has no retroactive effect. Purchased power can't be sold, transferred to third parties, exchanged for power of another algorithm or transferred from one account to another.

How fast requests for profit withdrawal are processed?

All created requests for profit withdrawal are processed manually. The progress of processing the requests directly depends on their number and can reach up to 48 hours.

What should to do if the withdrawal request was created incorrectly?

If you have already created a request for withdrawal of profit and notice that it was created with an incorrect wallet number or payment system you should immediately contact the support service and ask to cancel the request for withdrawal of profit. If at the time of contacting the support service request has already processed and paid and the amount has successfully sent it will be impossible to return your funds.

How to recover my account access data?

To recover your password, you can use the automatic recovery function. To do this when you want to sign in click on the "Forgot your password?" button and follow the instructions. After recovering the password you will receive an e-mail used during registration. Please note that when using temporary e-mail as well as in case you incorrectly entered the email at the time of registration it will be impossible to recover the password. Also it is impossible to change the email address or username. We advise you to keep this information in safe and not disclose it to third parties.

What should to do if suspicious activity has been noticed in account?

In case you notice suspicious activity in your account you should immediately change the password. We urge you to create a password responsibly by creating complex passwords and keep this information in safe. For its turn, Vixes guarantees the protection of your personal data, such as password, login and email.

Does the purchased power operate when the site is closed?

The power for cryptocurrency mining is located on a mining farm, therefore, your equipment can't affect the mining of cryptocurrency in any way. You can close the site and turn off your device. If your powers are set for mining of any cryptocurrency in your account you will receive profit according to marketing.

For what reason access to an account of user can be suspended?

Vixes is committed to protecting the personal data of its users as well as ensuring the security of its website. Any attempts to collect personal information of users, hacking the site’s code, dishonest use of the partner program, gaining access to user accounts by hacking, using third-party services to artificially increase the number of partners as well as any insults directed to the administration of the site or its users may cause for suspending the operation of account.